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The Blog

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Attention blog

Designing for Human Attention

I have always been fascinated by how human mind works. I am also convinced, that being familiar with cognitive sciences is one of the most important key skills a designer has to understand.

Running blog

How Running Helped Me Become the Person I'm Today

I wrote down a few insights which had come to my mind over the last couple of years.


Working and studying at the same time

Or how I could make my life even more complicated. A personal story about my day-to-day routine these days.


Short thoughts & updates on what is currently happening around me.

September 18, 2017 - in Copenhagen

Crazy Half Marathon experience


Hard to find words for what happened that day. I managed to secure my new personal best at 1:37:40. It has been a 231st place in my category and 2658th place overall which from 23 000 attendees sounds ok. Very thankful for it, although I wanted to push it maybe more.

However, this race quickly turned into a survival run. Copenhagen showed the weather at it's finest. 
From the 16th kilometer I started to have a physical crisis. I have been fighting with it and meanwhile the nature turned this run into a complete catastrophic movie. 2 people got electroshocked, there was a complete power breakdown, the track turned basicaly into a river with a 30cm height. Strong wind and huge rain with ice created extreme conditions for anyone to be outside, not to mention running.
I have been exhausted and more importantly absolutely scared of these conditions. Ambulances were driving all the time. I was really deciding whether it would be better to just quit and not get hit by a lighting which were just smashing around me all the time. I have never in my life been questioning sooo badly whether I should not finish a run. Pushed it and made it.

However, now it makes a great story to tell and I have a memory for the rest of my life. Looking forward to the next race. I am going to work hard and try to break the personal best again. One day, I will run under 1:30!!

September 12, 2017 - in Mestecko

Launching a new personal website

After a year of thinking, sketching, deleting, recreating and building I finally managed to create the proper mix of my inner thinking as well as a showcase of my work in one website. The 3rd version of my portfolio is finally live.
The main goal of this website was from the beginning showing the world not only what I have created, but also how I have created it. How do I work, what am I like as well as what is happening currently around me and how is my life going.

The website runs on WordPress and was built with Semplice.
The homepage serves as the main portfolio where people can immediately read a short intro about me followed by in depth case studies of my work. Afterwards they can see how I work visually and read my latest blog posts (To get a feel how I think about stuff). The last part is just a feed from my Instagram, which I think is the closest representation to what I am like in personal life.

The blog itself is divided into 2 sections:

- Articles - are longer more thought through essays on some specific topic ranging from life to design. They are published on medium and linked to the blog.
- Shorts - short blog posts about what I am currently doing, what's new and what did I find interesting.

This website is my personal hub of everything. It represents what I do and stand for. I can't wait to continue developing myself and the website too. See You.