Design and be nice to people...

Design and be nice to people...

Martin Jancik is a 23-year-old product designer from a small village in Slovakia. He's currently living in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Brno. He has spent most of his life passionately exploring the field of design, searching for creative opportunities and crafting ideas. He has been awarded by the United Nations as well as by the President of Slovakia.

Being eager to do more, he started his first freelance business at the age of 14. Shooting videos and creating graphics for DJs and music clubs taught him the basics. Later, he worked for political parties during election campaigns.

During his high school years, Martin formed creative teams that received a variety of acknowledgements. This would not have been possible had it not been for his tendency to maintain a positive attitude and facilitate teamwork: two values, which have always been at the core of his work.

The passion for exploring and learning brought him to Masaryk University in Brno. He studied Applied informatics with a focus on design and later transferred to the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology to dive deeper into UX and digital design.

Martin is currently in charge of product design at Edookit, a tech company. He continues to reshape what a good product means and is involved in the design process from ideation to the final release. The rest of his time is devoted to building smaller startups and digital products.

In his spare time, Martin is an active person. He used to be the captain of both a floorball and a volleyball team. Nowadays, he regularly runs: an activity he has been keeping up for 8 years now.


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